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Pod is the smallest instance in Kubernetes that you are working with. This post will cover everything you need to learn about pods and how to deploy it.

What is a pod why not containers?

We use pods in k8s to deploy our application. Someone may ask why not to use containers in k8s and the answer…

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Kubernetes is a container orchestration tool from google and it is the most popular container orchestration tool currently which is provided by most of the cloud service provided as well. There are some more such as Docker Swam, Nomad, OpenShift. …

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Micro-services and containers are more popular in this era of technology when it comes to manage and deploy large systems.

Hello Developers, This is the first post of a series of kubernetes. First let’s check what is kubernetes and why we use it.

Need of Kubernetes

Docker make our life easier when it…

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Singleton design pattern is the one of easiest design pattern and it is a creational design pattern. Let's go through what is singleton, where should we user it, how to implement it and implementation in goLang.

What is singleton design pattern

It says single. Yes singleton design pattern use only single object throughout the application…

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Should I make the object in my own or let some factory to make it?

Programs must be expandable and they eventually expands hence you need to write codes which can be expand without much effort.

Factory design pattern is a creational design pattern to predefined blueprint of a solution…

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This is a simple approach which we need on daily basis which is find and kill a port.

Following are the steps to find and kill the port.

  1. You should find the process id which is known as pid using the port as follows.
sudo lsof -i :<port_id>

Following is…

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Let’s do those with command line interface which is much easier.

First thing first. You should update and upgrade first.

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt upgrade

Install git

$ sudo apt install git

Yes it is that simpler.

Install npm

$ sudo apt install npm

Install VS code

$ sudo apt install software-properties-common apt-transport-https wget
$ wget –q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
$ sudo add-apt-repository “deb[arch=amd64] stable main”
$ sudo apt install code

Then simply run the VS code using code . .

Install mysql-server

$ sudo apt install mysql-server

Hope this will be helpful.

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I love Ballerina functions since it gives more flexibility and super easy to do a task.

This will cover basics of Ballerina language functions and following is the basic structure of a function.

function add(int numOne, int numTwo) returns int {
return numOne + numTwo;

Let’s play with Ballerina…

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Stream API is data flows from one side to other side.

Stream API is introduced in Java 8 in order to bring functional programming into Java.

What Stream API is

  • It is a data pipeline.
  • It use to process collection of objects or arrays.
  • It will not changed the original source.
  • It is efficient…

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Is it use for data hiding? Yes it is Encapsulation is data hiding. But what is the point of hiding data.

  • Encapsulation limits the access for data.

Some cases we need to provide read only access for that we use encapsulation. Let’s take an example — For a student, student…

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